Our Range of services

Services include: -
1. Network Systems Integration
2. Networking Consultancy Services
3. Design of Network Layout, Configuration and Documentation.
4. Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of LAN/WAN.
5. Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of structured LAN cabling

Our networking team has undertaken major projects for corporate and multinational organizations. We have implemented a Local Area Network for each of their Area/District Managerial offices nationwide. This involves designing, configuring, supplying and implementing a network system based on the Microsoft NT/2000/2003/2008 server operating system.

Besides the Local Area Network at each site, a Wide-Area Network was also set up to link the various offices to the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Subsequently, an e-mail system using Microsoft Exchange was setup to provide a communication link between all offices. We are also currently responsible for maintaining their Local Area Network at each District office.

As can be seen, we are responsible for the complete management of the entire project, from consultancy and designing to implementation, inclusive of cabling and subsequent maintenance of the system. The fact that the sites were nation-wide has proven that we have the technical expertise and manpower structure to handle major projects wherever they may be. We would be very willing to provide further references on our networking experiences on request.

UPS System services

An UPS is a power protection solution to protect the computer-based data and all sensitive electrical equipment from surges and spikes, clean and filter out any harmful impurities.

It protects stand alone computer, multimedia workstations, high-end servers, network telecommunication systems and centuries, television broadcasting transmitters, large computer rooms, data centre.

We provide a well professional non-stop service to assure proximity and accessible support needed to customer, our main goal is to be recognized as a specialist in the protection of I.T systems and sensitive loads.
We provide consultancy studies with the local end users on the best electrical and network solutions as below

  • UPS solution, installation and technology
  • Network management using different platforms software
  • Network communication either LAN or WAN through SNMP protocol
  • SMS Gateway Implementation






To provide 24 hours service and maintenance on equipment (UPS) protecting Malaysia's I.T or any other sensitive installation without any disturbances for the end user.

We offer a variety of service packages, design to match customer requirements:

- Basic services
- Maintenance contracts
- Tele-service
- Training
- On-site assistance

Audio visual services

With the ever-increasing need for distribution of information in this information technology age, new and better office equipment is constantly being made available to the consumer. Hence the challenge for the new millennium is to educate and provide the consumer with the best and yet cost-efficient Audio and Visual equipment in meeting their needs.

As such we are providing Audio-visual products such as 3M, HP, NEC, BenQ, IBM, Canon, Sony and Epson Projector, SANYO, PANASONIC, WOLFVISION Visualize, HITACHI and NEC Plasma TV, SENRUN Portable Amplifier, d&b audio technic, TurboSound, Sennheiser, Behringer, Sabine, PeaveySpeaker, Mackie Mixer, QSC, REMACO Motorized Projection Screen.