ZEXNET Systems Sdn Bhd has been totally committed to after-sales service and support

The degree of our commitment is reflected in the quality of the staff as well as the structure of our support:

Technical Support Department

The Technical Support Department provides both pre-sales and after-sales support and services. Its functions include performing demonstrations, providing technical advice and systems recommendations, pre-installation and implementation planning, testing and R & D on compatibility, connectivity, etc. issues, and solving any unusual technical problems.

Systems Software Support Department

The Systems Software Support Department is responsible for all after-sales support and services related to application software and operating system problems. They also conduct customer-training programs and provide support in application software implementation.

Field Support and Implementation

This team consists of engineers and support personnel who are responsible for providing field support and services including on-site installation and commissioning, performing preventive maintenance services, troubleshooting and rectification.

In-house Repair

This team of engineers will attend to all parts not serviceable in the field and to see to it that they are repaired or replaced within 24 hours from the time it was brought in by field support personnel, or by customers themselves.

Customer Hotline and Response Centre

Our customer Hotline Centre consists of a direct line manned by full time personnel to capture any complaints or problems and provide the solution over the phone if possible. Our filed support engineers will attend any calls that cannot be solved over the phone.

Outsourcing Maintenance Contract and services


Range of services and equipments includes:

Routers, Switches, Firewall, VPN, UPS ATM Modems.
Workstations, Notebooks, Servers, Printers include passbook printers & barcode printer.